A Game of Hide and Seek

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She also habituated the animals to her by stroking them, chasing them with her hands, and tickling them. After one month, Reinhold taught them to seek.

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She placed them in an open box and walked to a different part of the room. If they approached her, she rewarded them with tickles.

Lab rats play hide-and-seek for the fun of it, new study shows

At first, she stood in the open, but once the rats got the hang of approaching her, she incrementally raised the difficulty by partially hiding, then hiding fully while the rodents were watching, and finally hiding while the box was closed. Similarly, to teach them to hide, she rewarded them for leaving their box, then for scurrying to another area, then for finding and staying in a hiding spot.

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Crucially, she never remunerated the rats with classic rewards such as water or food. She treated them only to tickles and social contact. All six rats learned to seek, and five also learned to hide.


They clearly understood the rules of the game, and played strategically. When seeking, they searched systematically, beginning with past hiding locations. When hiding, they chose opaque boxes instead of transparent ones and kept quieter.

In retrospect, it was the perfect game for uniting two different species. Read: How rats remake coral reefs.

Cops shut down massive 3,person game of hide-and-seek at Ikea

Why did the rats play along? After all, for two decades researchers have known that rats enjoy being tickled and react by producing ultrasonic chirps that can be compared to laughter. But Reinhold found that once discovered, the rats would often run away and re-hide, delaying their reward and prolonging the game itself.

Harriet marries and has a child, becoming a settled member of suburban society. And then Vesey returns, the worse for wear, and with him the love whose memory they have both sentimentally cherished, and even after so much has happened it cannot be denied. But things are not at all as they used to be.

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  • Love, it seems, is hardly designed to survive life. One of the finest twentieth-century English novelists, Elizabeth Taylor, like her contemporaries Graham Greene, Richard Yates, and Michelangelo Antonioni, was a connoisseur of the modern world's forsaken zones.

    HIDE AND SEEK in HAUNTED MANSION!! (Top Secret Escape Room Found)

    Her characters are real, people caught out by their own desires and decisions, and they demand our attention. The bestilled suburban backwaters she sets out to explore shimmer in her books with the punishing clarity of a desert mirage. Taylor has the genius of making her characters understood, sometimes with an almost frightening clarity, perhaps because she is compassionate as well as relentless in her delineation of them. Funny, savage and full of loneliness and suppressed emotion.

    It is time that justice was done to Elizabeth Taylor All her writings could be described as coming into the category of comedy.

    A Game of Hide and Seek A Game of Hide and Seek
    A Game of Hide and Seek A Game of Hide and Seek
    A Game of Hide and Seek A Game of Hide and Seek
    A Game of Hide and Seek A Game of Hide and Seek
    A Game of Hide and Seek A Game of Hide and Seek

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