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Moreover, it cannot be based on the Bible alone, but must make full use of modern archaeological knowledge which both illuminates and supplements the Bible text. Thus, there is mention in the Bible of Ur and Babylon in Mesopotamia, Hazor, Megiddo and Beth-shan in northern Palestine, Lachish, and Debir in Judah, and many other places about which little, perhaps not even their exact locations, would be known were it not for archaeological data.

Further, there are places very important historically, which do not happen to be mentioned in the Bible, but which must be shown on the maps of the region and taken into account by the student as part of the total historical and geographical background. Thus, there will be found in this Atlas such places as Mari on the Euphrates, Akhetaton. There are, too, names of whole peoples, such as the Hurrians in Mitanni, the Sumerians in the Tigris- Euphrates valley, or the Hittites, with their capital at Hattusa, which can be placed on the map as a result of archaeological evidence.

Few and obscure allusions to the Hittites in the Bible would give very little idea of their real importance. Such peoples as the Hittites are on the fringe of the Bible story but in a Bible atlas they must be shown as part of the total background. Nevertheless, in all the maps of this Atlas, the Bible is central, and their purpose is to throw light on it and relate it to its historical and geographical setting. Because in many cases a map alone would not do this for the ordinary reader, it is recommended that the New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha: New Revised Standard Version.

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New York: Oxford University Press , be used in conjunction with this electronic atlas. The progress of knowledge about the geographical and material background of the Bible — not only the empires, cities, and villages but the daily life and everyday objects of biblical times — has been phenomenal, particularly in this century, and this has been primarily, if not entirely, due to continued archaeological research. The overall plan of the maps is set out in the Table of Contents bookmarks : if this plan is studied briefly and borne in mind, the use of the maps themselves will be greatly assisted.

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Rose Publishing. Tired of looking at the tiny maps included in the back of your Bible and still not understanding an ancient city's location? Smith Bible Atlas Probably the best, high resultion maps illustrating the Bible now in the public domain.

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Each map is reproduced here in low and high resolution versions, the high-res versions are suitable for printing. The Spread of Christianity in the first and second centuries. The World as known to the Ancient Hebrews. Hard Copy Bible Atlases in print and out of print If you can't find the maps you need online now, you might consider ordering one of the better Bible Atlases in print now.

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Bible Atlas. Access Foundation Bible Atlas. Access Foundation
Bible Atlas. Access Foundation Bible Atlas. Access Foundation
Bible Atlas. Access Foundation Bible Atlas. Access Foundation
Bible Atlas. Access Foundation Bible Atlas. Access Foundation
Bible Atlas. Access Foundation Bible Atlas. Access Foundation
Bible Atlas. Access Foundation Bible Atlas. Access Foundation

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