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Parameter Estimation V.

Insect ecology

Summary 6. Population Dynamics I.

Population Fluctuation II. Models Of Population Change A. Exponential and Geometric Models B. Logistic Model C. Complex Models D. Computerized Models E. Model Evaluation IV. Summary 7.

Biogeography I. Geographic Distribution III. Habitat Connectivity Iv. Summary Introduction 8. Species Interactions I. Classes of Interactions II. Consequences of Interactions IV. Summary 9. Community Structure I. Summary Community Dynamics I. Paleoecology IV.

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Diversity Vs. Stability V. Summary Introduction Ecosystem Structure and Function I. Ecosystem Structure II.

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Energy Flow III. Biogeochemical Cycling IV. Climate Modification V. Ecosystem Modeling VI. Herbivory I. Decomposition and Pedogenesis I.

Applications I. Ecosystem Services Summary and Synthesis I. Summary II. Key functional groups that impact on our lives will be discussed, including the pollinators, the decomposers, the pests, the predators and the parasitoids which can help control the pests. All of these functions can be considered as ecosystem services and the importance of insects in the ecosystem service framework will be the subject of discussion. Since insects play a key role in our environment, the practical knowledge and skills acquired by taking this module are relevant to many areas of employment such as conservation, consultancy, environmental planning, agriculture, medicine and forensics.

By taking part in the practicals you will learn skills of observation, accurate data recording and demonstrate critical thinking which are key to careers in fundamental and applied sciences. The module content is updated every year to explore topical research areas, several of which are being carried out by the lecturers, and are of global relevance.

For example, we debate cutting edge research into pollinator declines Osborne the impact of insecticides on pest and beneficial insect populations Bass , and review the evidence for whether insects are a solution to global food shortages. Successional change in community structure; III. Paleoecology; IV. Diversity versus stability. Section IV - Ecosystem level - Ecosystem structure and function: I. Ecosystem structure; II.

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Energy flow; III. Biogeochemical cycling; IV. Climate modification; V. Ecosystem modeling. Herbivory: I. Types and patterns of herbivory; II. Effects of herbivory. Pollination, seed predation, and seed dispersal: I. Types and patterns of pollination; II. Effects of pollination; III. Types and patterns of seed predation and dispersal; IV. Effects os seed predation and dispersal. Decomposition and pedogenesis: I. Types and patterns of detritivory and burrowing; II.

Effects of detritivory and burrowing.

Insect Ecology- Agricultural Entomology

Insects as regulators of ecosystem processes: I. Development of the concept; II.

Insect Ecology Insect Ecology
Insect Ecology Insect Ecology
Insect Ecology Insect Ecology
Insect Ecology Insect Ecology
Insect Ecology Insect Ecology

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