The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02]

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Has the IEEE Section in which the milestone is located agreed to take responsibility for the plaque after it is dedicated? The Neutrodyne Circuit, invented on this site in , used neutralizing capacitors to eliminate squeals from parasitic oscillation that plagued early radios. Improved clarity of reception and easier tuning facilitated broader radio adoption by the general public. Multiple manufacturers licensed the circuit to make affordable consumer products, expanding the marketplace from amateur radio operators into a mass consumer market for news, information, music, and culture.

Proposer name: Proposer's name masked to public Proposer email: Proposer's email masked to public. Please note: your email address and contact information will be masked on the website for privacy reasons. The plaque will be inside the front entrance of the building, which is only a few hundred meters from the location of the former laboratory where the Neutrodyne was invented.

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Describe briefly the intended site s of the milestone plaque s. The intended site s must have a direct connection with the achievement e. A museum where a device or example of the technology is displayed, or the university where the inventor studied, are not, in themselves, sufficient connection for a milestone plaque. Please give the address es of the plaque site s GPS coordinates if you have them.

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Also please give the details of the mounting, i. If visitors to the plaque site will need to go through security, or make an appointment, please give the contact information visitors will need. The intended site is the Edwin A. Stevens building. The building is one of the oldest academic buildings on the Stevens campus. The Navy Building was demolished in February The site is now occupied by the Babbio Center. Hazeltine's office was in the south west corner of the 2nd floor.

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Other offices, classrooms, laboratories, and the model shop occupied the rest of the first and second floors. What is the historical significance of the work its technological, scientific, or social importance? The Neutrodyne Circuit invented on this site in in the Navy Building in the laboratory of Professor Louis Alan Hazeltine with Harold A Wheeler and others, enabled affordably easier to tune radios and neutralized capacitors eliminating squeals from parasitic oscillation previously plaguing radio receivers and amplifiers. These improvements in performance and simplicity rapidly expanded radio use from amateur radio operators to usher in a mass communication consumer market.

Many have noted the inspiration of Professor Armstrong and his more expensive RCA solutions; what is important to note about this 'inspiration' and the unique Neutrodyne solution, is that the Neutrodyne team sought specifically to Democratize access to Technology which serves Humanity. Radio Democratized Politics and so many other opportunities.

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The Neutrodyne team quickly provided licenses to 20 companies rather than to create a complex expensive solution as RCA chose to do. Armstrong's super heterodyne and regenerative circuits solution for RCA was kept proprietary and expensive, which created disparity between wealthy and everybody else. Because of Neutrodyne, in and the entire product line proposed by RCA was halted proposed product catalog included in references and the Chicago Radio Show offered many new more affordable products creating opportunities for businesses, broadcasters, stimulating commerce, consumers, regular people for the very first time.

In this way for the first time, regular people all over North America had access to Politics of the day, became educated about many things, heard music, entertainment, learned about the latest news, etc. Previously, only 10 percent of the population had access.

With Neutrodyne, in three years, 60 percent had access.

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Mass communication. Not just for the wealthy. Schedule Conv. Guidelines Conv.

Auction Conv. Equipment Contest Conv. Albert Moore Award Taylor Award. Gateway Downloads. Flea Market Conv. Book Fair Conv. Presentations Conv. Banquet Conv. Contest Conv.

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Phase 1 Virtual Tour. VoA Delano Station. Phase III Donations. Website Admin. We are fortunate again this year to have eight high quality articles with a diversity of topics covering more than a century of electronics communications history. We look forward to receiving manuscripts from more new authors in the future. A brief summary of each article follows in the order they appear.

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See abstracts below We extend our sincere thanks to the authors for their excellent articles and the reviewers for their able assistance in reviewing the articles and making suggestions that improved the manuscripts. I wish to thank the two associate editors, Bill Burns and Joe Knight, who assisted me again this year.

Their contributions were considerable.

Her help this year was invaluable as it has been in the past. We thank Fiona once again for her contributions and creative spirit. The word searchable cumulative Table of Contents has been updated this year and is now current with Vol. I have enjoyed serving as the editor of AWA Review this year and working closely with each and every author. I look forward to receiving manuscripts for your articles next year. Tips for authors who intend to submit articles follow. Eric Wenaas, Ph.

Many innovations were tested, including the first use of telegraphy in warfare. At the outset in , the telegraph was not even twenty years old. Yet, telegraph networks were expanding across Europe and across the Eastern United States by the early s. Numerous writings document the British and French experiences in the war.

This article reveals the development of the Russian Imperial Telegraph and its impact on Russia.

The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02] The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02]
The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02] The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02]
The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02] The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02]
The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02] The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02]
The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02] The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02]
The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02] The Antique Wireless Assoc Review [Vol 02]

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